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Current sense transformer design

Product unit Passive Components Product group Power Magnetics Product family Current Sense Transformers Product series. Filter by values. Product series (1) Articles (32) WE-CST Current Sense Transformer EXTENDED. Order Code Data­sheet Downloads L (µH) n I R (A) R DC1 max (mΩ) R DC2 max (Ω) ∫Udt (µVs) V T (V (AC)) R DC 1 (mΩ) R DC 2.

Visit our webpage for Current Sensing Transformers (CT) to view standard models and learn more about our custom design capabilities. Introduction A Current Transformer (CT) is used to. I have planned to design my own board to keep the cost low. Appliances work on 230 VAC and 5 A max current. microcontroller sensor ac hall-effect home-automation. ... I have used a current sense transformer in the past and hooked it up to an ADC via some circuitry to turn the current into a voltage and then the voltage into a digital signal.

EPCOS has developed two series of current-sense transformers that are particularly suitable for compact dc-dc converters because of their SMT design.

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Current Sense Transformer Design Criteria, Inc. offers a line of current sense transformers in surface mount and thru-hole. Call us for more details. Current Sense Transformer Number 6001195 Current Sense Transformer Features Surface Mount Turns Ratio 100:1 Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C 500VDC Isolation 10 A Peak Primary Current Designed for custom applications Current Sense....

The standard for precise current measurement in instrumentation and other high reliability equipment applications has been the current sense transformer. They are accurate, easy to implement, and reliable under harsh environmental and thermal conditions. In electronic systems applications such as switch-mode power supplies, current transformers are generally used for control, circuit ....


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